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When your livelihood comes from running your business, one thing is a given.

You are BUSY.

You know that your business has much more to give, but when you’re trapped by the never-ending demands of your business, how do you find the time or energy to make those plans and steps forward?

After all, you’ve already got your hands full with:

  • Staying on top of a work stream that lurches from pillar to post
  • A business that seems to be just drifting, without you having any real control  
  • Managing a team that isn’t as reliable as it should be (you seem to be the only person who actually cares about your business)
  • Worrying about things not getting done if you’re not 100% hands-on, all the time
  • The monotony of doing the same thing you’ve done every day for years
  • The frustration of having ideas for new areas for growth but never being in a position to explore them without risking losing everything
  • Being the only person in the business who has accountability and actually understands how everything works
  • The stress and pressure of going around and around and around, with no clear or workable long term strategy
  • The feeling that stepping back even the tiniest amount could bring everything crashing down 
  • Always being on, never being able to switch off - even in your personal life
  • Trying to be there for your kids (and feeling guilty because you’re always in juggling mode)
  • Sleepless nights spent repeating the whole cycle, week after week, year after year

Does this sound familiar?

You Need To Understand How You Can Scale Without All That Added Pressure, Stress and Confusion......a Simple Guide to How You Can Achieve More.

You want to be able to step back from the day-to-day and focus on business growth. 

You want to be able to get access to ideas for how to build a superstar team effectively.

You want to assess if having a team really is as painful as so many say ( I can tell you it isn't when it is done right!)

You want to know the options available to you and how this could affect your business in positive and the not so great ways.

You want sound advice without paying thousands for it!

And that is why I created this free guide to help you determine your next steps into scaling with a team -  without stress, hassle and losing even more valuable time managing an adult day care centre!

This FREE guide lifts the lid on how to scale your business with a high performing team.

In this guide, you will learn the how to bring in a team to help you get your business off the ground

You do not need to be the person doing all the work.

Learn how to create a business that allows you to scale your income AND create big profits - even when you are adding more resources.

In this guide you will learn:

  • The Number 1 thing you MUST know if you want to grow a team
  • The big mistakes many people make that means they don't reach their goals or desired success
  • Uncover the right model for you that will take you to 7 figures with ease (It's NOT a one size fits all approach!)
  • Learn the best way to work build a team to grow your business
  • Create a culture of exceptional client service that EVERYONE sticks to.

PLUS... many more tips and considerations to scale your business.


With this FREE guide you can be building a team plan that takes less of the work from your shoulders, freeing up your time to actually run your business and creating more time and financial freedom!


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Hey, I'm Emma!

I’m on a mission to help change the lives of entrepreneurial women across the world.

I am a leading Business Consultant, multi-award winning CIM Qualified Marketer, Non-Executive Director and an expert on the entrepreneurial gender gap. 

I started self-employed life as a Marketing Consultant and within 2.5 years I had grown my one woman band into a 7 figure, 15 people agency. 

I owe my success to the incredible women I brought into the business who like me didn’t have a home in the bigger agencies and corporate world after having a family. 

Within a very short period of time, my business had hit revenue of over £1million without investment, a coach or business background.  

Now I create accessible tools, guides, courses and consulting programmes to help more female founded business become unstoppable!


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