About Me

As an award winning authority in coaching female entrepreneurs, I have built a successful track record of success for both myself and my many clients which means you’re in safe hands!


  • Over nearly 25 years, I’ve  launched and manage multi-million pound brands, helped start ups to create leadership in their field, helped hundreds of women start and grow successful businesses, and find their self-worth and power.
  • I grew up in Yorkshire, I’m mum to a teenage daughter who I have raised single handedly since she was born (my produest achievement in life!), I’m a CIM qualified Marketer by trade, a DISC Accredited Trainer and a Positive Psychology Certified Coach.
  • From a young age I have always been fascinated with how people behave and think and this has led me to win many awards in marketing and human behaviour during my career.
  • I now speak, coach, write and help others accomplish in their professional lives.
  • For over 8 years, I've been creating emotional and financial return with large organisations developing culture, leaders and teams using my proven systems and methods that bring teams closer together, increase productivity and elevate highly skilled leaders. Many of my clients have gone on to win awards themselves for the culture they have created under my guidance.  
  • I support high achieving women entrepreneurs and female led organisations with their mindset, aligned business growth, visibility and marketing skills.

My mission is to help my clients create choice, freedom and success through immersive mentoring programmes and 121 coaching.



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My Why

I am a mum and I believe in a world where women have the same opportunities in business as men. 

The 2019 Rose Review reported that there is £1BILLION of lost money from the UK economy alone, because women shy away from setting up or scaling their business.

One in 7 businesses are female owned. And female founded businesses are likely to be 40% the size of a male owned business.

Society sneers and stigmatises women for having big ideas, creating wealth and the patriarchy of business discourages women from stepping into their power.  Often we don't even know how to even start to activate their million pound ideas.

I call time and am ready to kick this bollocks to the kerb.  

I want to help you ignite, accelerate and optimise your business, your dreams and your passions. 

Everyone has a million pound business in them! What are you doing with yours?

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Quick Facts About Me 


  • I built a 7 figure business within 2.5 years
  • I stood as a Parliamentary Candidate in the 2019 election.
  • I was a Local Councillor for 2 years
  • I was Communication Ambassador for an All-Party Parliamentary Group
  • I worked with the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology to develop a new curriculum for Women with Surgical menopause.
  • I have spoken about female empowerment and inequalities in business at many key events.
  • I owe my career to John Bishop (the comedian), who saw my talent and put me through my Chartered Institute of Marketing qualifications in my early 20s.

And I am : 

  • A DISC Accredited Trainer
  • A Member of the Chartered Institure of PR Behavioural Psychology Committee
  • A Certified Positive Psychology Coach 
  • A Certified Money Breakthrough Coach
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...is a 12 month Business Accelerator Programme that Transforms your Business, Master your CEO Mindset, and Unapologetically Create Wealth, Freedom and Choice in Your Life and Business!


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