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What does the audit cover?

To achieve business freedom you need to build strategies and systems that cover various aspects of your business.

This audit details these elements that are taken from our trademarked ELITE TM Framework. This framework is at the core of all our programmes and how we help you to create an unstoppable business and greater business freedom.


The elements cover:

  • Leadership and Strategy
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Operations and Systems
  • Income and Finance
  • Team and People

Without all these elements you will never create business freedom. They are all equally important to success. 

Run through the audit and see how close you are to achieving business freedom.

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What is Business Freedom?



Business Freedom is where your business operates without you in it constantly. Where decisions can be made without you. Where success is still guaranteed without your constant input.

  • Where you have great wellbeing and health
  • You get to enjoy your holidays without being attached to your phone, worse still your laptop
  • You get to pick up the kids from school, attend the school sports day and concerts
  • You get time to yourself and prioritising your own self care
  • Your business operates and supports you so well that you get to do what you love doing the majority of the time, rather than doing your own marketing and accounting.
  • The business performs the jobs that you don't like doing, so you get to do what you love!
  • You get to follow your passion!


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