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How To Scale Your Business And Be Significantly More Effective

>Creating truly differentiated world class STRATEGIES


> Attracting and keeping the right TALENT

>Building plenty of INCOME and PROFIT to invest and weather storms

>Creating robust STANDARDS and SYSTEMS that allow for seamless GROWTH


I know how to create a wildly successful business and I know how to scale it without losing your mind, relationships or wellbeing.



Free Guide To Scaling With A Team


Discover how to create a high-performing team that releases you from the daily grind of your business.

Leading a team needn't feel as though you are managing an adult day care centre!



Free Guide - How To Build a 7 Figure Agency

Download my FREE guide that outlines the NINE elements you need to accelerate your business to 7 figures. 

Growing a 7 figure consultancy, agency or coaching business can seem overwhelming but this guide will share how to build an unstoppable business whilst keeping your health, sanity and relationships in tact!


Free Business Scaling  Checklist


Discover the 5 Systems and Strategies To Scale Your Business (Without You Putting In All The Hours)

Plus you will get personalised next step support based on your results from the audit.

Run through the audit and see how ready you are to achieving next level success.



1. Consulting Services

We provide consulting services for those businesses who need a second pair of eyes on their business.

Based in London and Oxfordshire, we have worked with many global organisations, SMEs and scale up businesses, helping them to develop strategies and transform their business. In doing so, we are often at the heart of them achieving their most ambitious goals.

From the very beginning, we have always taken a different approach to consultancy. We work within and as part of our client's leadership teams rather than looking in from the outside.

We bring ideas, challenge and experience, tailoring our approach rather than applying the same methodology again and again.

We are outcomes-focused, wanting to create lasting legacies through what we deliver and the way that we work.

Over 25 years of experience, this blueprint for success continues to attract clients who need us most. We’re proud to say that over 80% of our work comes from repeat business and referrals and more than 85% of clients have used us more than once.


2. Courses and Self-Development Programmes

We provide self-development for those businesses who need a boost in their business and who are aware that they need to step up to the next level of growth, but who are budget or time poor.

Through our self-directed courses and group coaching programmes, we support SMEs and Business Leaders, to develop scaling strategies that will transform their business. 

We are a human-centred business and understand that being a business owner can be personally challenging so we have created programmes that speak to the person and mindset just as much as the business skills needed.

Our programmes are high quality and leading edge and will challenge you to think and behave differently so you can accelerate your results.

We are constantly updating our content so be sure to check back regularly or join our mailing list for updates of when new programmes are released.



3. Live Training Events 

We know that the coaching world is broken. The days of the pandemic and virtual working are resolving and time is even more precious than ever.

We don't subscribe to the notion that you need to make big financial time and money commitments to your personal development.

Our training events are 1-2 in person days where we tackle specific challenges in your business, give you the skills to become self-sufficient. And in many of the training days we include time for implementation - because we also understand the as soon as you get back home or to the office everything else takes back over.

Secure some time away from your day to day to work ON your business and create results that will help you elevate and lead your busines from the front.

We are constantly updating our events programme so be sure to check back regularly or join our mailing list for updates of when new programmes are released.



Who I help...



Independent Consultants / Small Agencies

You know your business has the potential to become unstoppable but you aren't sure how to achieve it. 

You have become fully booked without much effort and you know you want to scale but aren't sure of how you can do this without burning out and leaving your life behind.


SME Organisations

You have lots of ideas about how to grow your business but aren't quite sure where to start.

You have a team in place but things don't seem to be running optimally, people aren't clear on the strategy and your revenue has started to plateau.

You need to create greater efficiency and consistency and to bring your team into the vision. 


Scale Ups

There’s never enough time to sit down and create a robust strategy, because you’re so busy working on client projects and putting out fires.

You are ready to expand and grow without the growing pains you have had up to now. You are ready to stabilise the business before taking it to the next level.

You cannot scale chaos!

The biggest difference I see in the success of these types of business are in the leaders. Those that thrive are the ones that get most done. They have a crystal clear STRATEGY and they IMPLEMENT.

Having the skills you do and being an expert in your field isn't enough to create the income and impact you deserve or create an optimal and efficient business.

And that's why I created the Academy for Business Effectiveness.

It's a hive of courses, toolkits to support your growth and I also consult within your business to hand hold you through the transformation that your business needs.

Together we create strategies, teams and systems that are bespoke to YOUR business, whilst supporting you in the implementation, so you can create more success than you ever thought possible.

Nice to meet you!


I am Emma, a Yorkshire girl with a big ambition and  mission to help you create THE best business in your market.


I am fanatical about helping SMEs and Scale Ups become more effective.

I started my career working for Pharmaceutical and FinTech companies launching and managing multi-million pound brands in my corporate career, and later in my own agency.

Within just two years in my own business I had hit revenue of over £1million, without investment, a coach or a business background. But it was a bumpy ride. I had no freedom from my business and it was all-consuming!

I missed out on 3 years of my daughter's life, lost relationships, and eventually hit burn out.

After investing thousands of hours, and tens of thousands of pounds working out how to gain greater business freedom, I have made it my mission to share this with more businesses who need accessible support and a greater impact.

My ELITE TM framework helps my clients achieve stellar results, significantly greater effectiveness and a high performance business - all whilst creating greater freedom - after all isn't that why so many of us start our own business in the first place?

I have earned my business stripes through my own achievements, those successes I have created in my clients and through the continuous improvement I invest in.

I am a Chartered Institute of Marketing alumni, a CIPD affiliate member, A Denison Culture Consultant and a DISC Accredited trainer.


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My Mission

My mission is to help you make more money. Full Stop.

I teach you how to:

  • increase your income consistently
  • set a vision that your whole organisation can get behind
  • build a scalable roadmap for success
  • build stellar systems that deliver consistency and integration within your business
  • recruit and empower a high performing team
  • create greater customer adaptability and excellence

...all without sacrificing your family, health, or sanity in the process.

If you are the leader in a SME or Scale Up, that wants to transform your business to the next level, then these programmes and services were specifically designed for YOU! 


What my students are saying


Jonny - CEO (FinTech)

"I can't recommend Emma highly enough - she is incredibly knowledgeable and has a passion for business that is infectious you can't help but be inspired and successful in your own business with her support.

Her uniqueness is her ability to combine all elements of business effectiveness strategy with implementation that enable full business transformation.

She also has the most positive future facing attitude .. leading me to use the words ' What would Emma do?' when faced with a decision in my business.

Cathy - Recruitment Consultant

"I have worked with Emma on many of her programmes. They were all excellent, the content, whether delivered in person or over video is always engaging, thought provoking and gets you practically doing things, rather than just coming up with ideas that you then never get round to implementing.

Emma is very passionate about supporting business and always goes the extra mile to support her clients."

Phil - Managing Director (FinTech)

"I just wanted to thank you for all your support. What a fantastic job you have done - simply amazing."

Lisa - HR Consultant


""Emma is a really talented and insightful  business woman.

Her many years of experience are backed up with huge passion for what she does, energy and commitment.

Emma is great to work with, nothing is ever too much trouble and her drive to achieve the highest standard of work for her clients will always make her a very valuable mentor and consultant."

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